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What others say about sourcing workers on Connect!

What others say about sourcing workers on Connect!

"You get the best of both worlds with Lookout Connect. An easy-to-use platform to source and hire care workers, but you also get actual personalised assistance from the Lookout Connect Healthcare Talent Team too.

Typically, when sourcing and hiring yourself, you have to go through a process of discovering if someone is a good fit which really can take a while - weeks even. However, the Connect platform combined with the personalised support of the Healthcare Talent Team, really does help streamline the process and this saves me a lot of time and effort.

Let’s say you are interested in pursuing 5 candidates that apply to your job ads from a recruitment website - there is so much time involved in vetting, verifying and interviewing them to see if they are a good fit (and if we are a good fit for them). But with Lookout Connect, it is like cherry-picking the best of the best. The Connect platform and the Healthcare Talent Team have already vetted and verified the candidates and identified their values, wants and availability, and then they funnel through the right person and match them to you as an employer.

I can also tell the Healthcare Talent Team what I need and they actively work to find the match and can post jobs in specific areas where have a need for resources. It is an absolute timesaver and the success rate of hiring candidates is so much better with Lookout Connect than other platforms. When I am wanting to interview a candidate, the Healthcare Talent team will arrange the interview based on my provided availability, let the candidate know what to expect and set everything up in the background.

The aged care sector still really has a transient workforce, and the attrition rate is higher in the care sector than in some other sectors - but the quality of the staff we have had through Lookout Connect is so much higher because the getting-to-know-you stage is prepped before the interview. The Connect Platform’s processes and automation, combined with the efforts of the Healthcare Talent Team, takes the headache and time out of finding, managing and determining the best fit.

When you think about other ‘platforms’ out there, they just aren’t as good as Lookout Connect. Those platforms have little to no service. There are services out there, like multinational recruitment firms, but in my experience, it hasn’t worked as well with the ‘matching’ of candidates - it’s costly and the quality of candidates is not always great. I could use recruitment websites, which can be hit-and-miss, but then I have to go through the responses and spend loads of time on the background and verification work and interviewing. But with Lookout Connect, I get the best of both worlds - an experienced service and smart platform in one. With Lookout Connect - I am not alone and I have support, I have assistance, I don’t have to do the background work. Plus it’s built and run by an organisation that specialises in care and has years of experience in care worker recruiting.

My lasting advice to other care providers is to absolutely give it a go. Start with just one candidate who is a good fit, go through the processes and see what it’s like. You’ll start to see the value that way - the value in both the platform and the service. It’s just what our industry needs and really is a valuable tool and service that is being provided.”

Christian Eyles
Service Manager, Hazel Home Care