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What is Lookout Connect?

What is Lookout Connect?

After years of recruitment experience at Five Good Friends, and being able to attract more candidates than Five Good Friends could handle, the team at The Lookout Way decided to use Five Good Friend's recruitment solutions to help other providers solve their workforce shortages Lookout Connect was born!

Lookout Connect is both a platform and a service.

The Connect platform automatically streamlines recruiting and verifying workers, and automatically matches candidates with relevant jobs.

The Lookout Connect Healthcare Talent team helps ensure candidates have all required verifications, helps set up interviews after requests are made, and also helps further qualify candidates before they go to an interview.

Lookout Connect can be a stand-alone recruitment tool for care providers. Alternatively, for those operating with Lookout's end-to-end care suite to manage the daily operations of delivering home care, Lookout Connect is included in their instance.

Watch a demo video here.

What candidates are on Lookout Connect?

Lookout Connect has worker candidates for home care, residential care, aged care and disability care.

What types of qualifications do the candidates have?

All candidates come vetted and verified, so they are ready to start working. There are a variety of skill levels, both unskilled and skilled.

How can Lookout Connect reduce the amount of time it takes to fill job vacancies from months to days?

On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to complete the complex recruitment process for a care worker in Australia. The Lookout Connect Healthcare Talent Team and platform do the background checks, certifications and assessments for you - helping save you time and money!

What is the average acquisition cost for a care worker 'without connect' vs 'with connect'?

It doesn't feel like many organisations have a great hold on this. In the UK, USA and Europe, there are reports of $3000 being the average acquisition cost for each care worker when you factor in the wage cost of the person who interviews, vets and sets up the job ads. The acquisition cost on Lookout Connect can be as low as $1000. So the savings you gain from Lookout Connect are quite significant if you calculate the time costs involved in securing care workers.

Speed of hire tends to be a really important point when it comes to securing care workers - how does Connect speed up the process?

We contact every candidate on the day of profile creation and ensure that we are capturing as much information as possible at the beginning so that when a company makes a request, we can lock in an interview with confidence as soon after the request as possible.