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Learn how to use Lookout Connect and start hiring today!

Learn how to use Lookout Connect and start hiring today!

First step

Ensure you have the right access role assigned

To use Lookout Connect you need ensure the 'recruitment management' access role has been assigned to the right people in your team.

Please read "how do I gain access to interview and hire candidates?" before you continue.

How it works

Find your ideal candidates by posting a job ad

Create job ads with descriptions, desired skills, and specific preferences to publish to the Lookout Connect network of care workers and on the web. Then, you'll automatically matched with suitable candidates.

Come across a candidate that piques your interest? On their profile discover a wealth of detailed information to help you make an informed hiring decision.

If you'd like to take things further, send an interview request and leave it to the Connect Healthcare Tallent team to do the rest!

We'll square up an interview! Only $150 + GST

Once the interview is completed, a charge of $150 + GST will be applied for the interview to the credit card details saved to your account.

Found someone? Hire them for $750 + GST

If the interview was a success, and you decide to hire the candidate, an additional $750 + GST will be charged to your saved credit card and you'll receive all the necessary background checks and verification documentation to secure your new hire!


How do I set up payment to book interviews and hire candidates? Follow the prompts to enter credit card details to save onto your account. Want to set up invoicing instead of credit card payments? Just reply to this email and our team will organise that for you.

Don't want to use Connect? With Connect, you are only charged based on usage, so there is no cost if you choose to leave it alone. Alternatively, reply to this email and ask to opt-out from having Connect turned on for your company.

Read the Connect Support Guide